Features of EBD Pressure Filters
The EBD Water pressure filters are selected and designed to meet specific process requirements.

The GRP filter vessels are manufactured from high quality materials manufactured under strict quality control procedures. The steel vessels are fabricated according to the latest ASME code and undergo tedious inspection and testing procedures prior to their release.

The internal linings are carefully selected to be compatible with the characteristics of the water and impurities to provide years of trouble-free operation.

The internal distributor is designed to assure uniform flow within the media. The underdrain collectors are the header and lateral type, with proven effectiveness in the field during many years of operation.

There is also a wide selection of face pipework materials, such as PVC, uPVC, GRP, Polypropylene, Galvanized or Black Iron, and lined steel, depending on the characteristics of the liquid being filtered. Typical valves materials used are cast iron, steel, GRP, PVC.

The filter backwashing can be initiated manually or automatically. Automatic backwashing can be initiated by timer, pressure switch, flowmeter or any external signal. The backwashing sequence is controlled by an electro-mechanical timer with relays or programmable logic controller. The controller can also be connected to a PC based monitoring and control system.

Most of the EBD Water pressure filters are delivered to the site pre-piped complete with the valves and face piping, ready for site connection to water, drain and electrical lines. Larger filters are delivered in semi-knock down condition to minimize site work and installation procedures.

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