EBD MODEL RE300C18 Enclosed R.O. Drinking Water Unit
3 Treatment stages for ultimate drinking water quality.
Eliminates the risks of human waterborne disease outbreaks by removing any traces of pathogens (bacteria, parasites, viruses) and pyrogens (Endotoxins, Organics, Etc…).
Produces low TDS water, perfect for all diets, including low Sodium diets.
 Treatment & Accessories
Prefilter : 5 micron prefilter reduces dirt, sediment and suspended solids
R.O. Membrane : 18 GPD removes all organic and inorganic contamination, reducing the total dissolved solids (TDS).
Post-Filter : Granulated activated carbon filter removes taste and odor problems.
Pressure tank : 3.2 Gallon Capacity.
Long reach faucet.
Installation kit.
 Special Convenience Features
Enclosed R.O. system can be wall mounted or installed in any undercounter position.
Operates on inlet water pressure as low as 40 psi.
Booster pump may be easily added in low pressure situations.
Continuous fresh, safe drinking water supply through the storage/pressure tank.
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