For total convenience, all equipment is adjustable from the front of the cabinet. Internal components are easily accessed by simply removing the front cover.
 Minimal Maintenance
Maintenance is minimized due to the rugged, reinforced fiberglass construction.
Like all EBD Water equipment, the series 2100 Gas Feeders stress safety. Every gas feeder is an all-vacuum system consisting of a remote vacuum regulator, floor mounted cabinet housing manual or outomatic gas flow controls, and a remote ejector/check valve assembly.
Basic Feed System

The EBD Water Series 2100 Floor Cabinet Mounted Gas Feeders are operated by vacuum that is produced when water flows through the ejector venturi. The vacuum from the ejector passes through the vacuum interconnecting line to the regulator, which causes the inlet valve to open and allow gas to enter into the system.

The gas is then regulated to a constant vacuum and passes through the regulator to the cabinet mounted flow meter and flow rate adjusting valve. A gas pressure relief valve, incorporated within the vacuum regulator, automatically vents gas to the atmosphere, should pressure build up in the system. Gas is conveyed from the cabinet back to the ejector/check valve where a chemical solution is formed and discharged to the point of application.

Automatic Switchover

The Series 2100 Manual and Automatic Gas Feed Systems are available with automatic switchover. When switchover is required, two remote vacuum regulators with indicating meters, a switchover module and ejector is provided. Vacuum switchover permits gas to flow under vacuum from the regulator to the ejector until the initial gas source is depleted, at which time, the switchover module switches to the standby gas supply source.

Automatic Control

When automatic control is required, a microprocessor controller is added to the floor cabinet in order to automatically control gas feed in direct proportion to flow, residual or both. The automatic control system includes the basic vacuum regulator, controller, automatic valve, meter/ate valve, differential pressure regulator and ejector. All components are pre-wired, pre-piped, tested and calibrated prior to shipment. Installation requires power, signal and gas connections.
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