The EBD Water Series 2100 is a multi- functional floor cabinet mounted gas feeder applicable for manual or automatic control of gaseous chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia or carbon dioxide, for water / wastewater treatment and other industrial applications.

The Series 2100 offers a wide range of models and options with capacities up to 5000 PPD or 100 Kg/hr. Control modes include automatic flow proportioning, residual control and compound loop.

The Series 2100 fiberglass floor cabinet has been designed for ease of operation, observation and routine service. The front cover is designed to allow for easy and quick access to system components.

The Series 2100 is an all vacuum system consisting of a remote vacuum regulator(s), floor mounted fiberglass cabinet, a manual or automatic gas flow control system and a remote ejector / check valve assembly.
EBD Water Series 2100 Floor Cabinets are multi-functional enclosures designed to conveniently house a combination of gas feed equipment and a wide range of water quality or other instrumentation, a capability that provides customers with enormous flexibility.
Series 2100 Floor Cabinets are compact in design for ease of installation in new or existing facilities.
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