Typical Features
 Thin film composite membranes in 4" or 8" diameter (cellulose acetate membranes are also used).

 Antiscalant Chemical Dosing (for control of Calcium Sulfate and Calcium Carbonate Scale), complete with Chemical Feed Pump, Polyethylene Day Tank and Level Control.

 Cartridge Filtration protection up to 1 micron, with SDI sample port (to determine fouling potential due to Silt, colloidal and suspended material).
 Pretreated Feedwater dump valve (to allow stabilization of the pretreatment system prior to the feedwater entering the R.O.).
 High efficiency multistage centrifugal pumps 316SS with TEFC motors or multi- stage turbine pumps with submersible water tight motors depending on the application.
 Pre-and Post-Flushes to minimize water hammer and remove supersaturated solutions.
 Instrument board containing all process instruments, including safety and operational shut down switches, liquid filled SS pressure gauges, flow, PH, conductivity indicators and controllers, etc.
 Centralized control panel, using state-of-the art control technologies, full voltage starters, phase protection, alarm silence buttons, integral disconnect switch, control switches, heavy duty indicating lights, control logic circuits, elapsed time meter, etc.
 Cleaning connections of the grooved type for easy maintenance. Sample and test valves for ease of trouble shooting and data collecting. Future expansion capabilities.
 Corrosion resistant material; using FRP for structural skid members and supports, pressure vessels, control and instrument panels; inert thermoplastics on low pressure pipes, hoses and fittings; 316L stainless steel and high quality alloys on high pressure pipes and fittings.
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